Cloud Strife (soldierrebirth) wrote in ffvii_ac_rp_ooc,
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Possibly New Stuff

It's been so long since I posted anything in the OOC community. There have been some announcements that I have neglected to post up due to laziness and the fact I'm working full time at the moment. Yes, anyway... on to business?

I don't know if any or all of you have noticed, but the creator of the community who played Zahna, Dayshorne and Kadaj has left us. She has left the community in my hands, and I am in the process of making minor changes to it at the moment. I apologize that I haven't done too much plot related for the moment, but I am working on correcting this problem in the near future.

Also, I will be in the process of removing inactive characters. If there are any comments or suggestions, I would be happy to hear any and all of them. I hope for all of your patience and a continuation of such a good game.

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