Van (unholynightmare) wrote in ffvii_ac_rp_ooc,

Hello there players!

I am lightbulby and I am your new Yazoo. AIM is ToughTeddyBear if any of you need to contact me for RP-related reasons.

As the new Yazoo, I went ahead and renamed _velvetnight to unholynightmare to sort of give him a bit of a fresh start without having you all friend another journal.

Aside from that, I'm gonna have fun playing with you all and there's nothing you can do to stop me! >:D
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Woo! We need to organise an rp session soon!
Hey there, Yazoo! Vincent and Marisa mun here! *waves*
Wootness! :D We need to organise and SHM session soon XD
Rian and Gimel!Mun here. *waves* Happy to have ya aboard!