Rufus Shinra (shotgun_poetics) wrote in ffvii_ac_rp_ooc,
Rufus Shinra

Sephy in the Shinra hizzouse?

...Did I spell hizzouse right?

Anywho... Ooh! I'm taking initiative! Or something!

Rufus has put the General on payroll and been listening in on his ideas concerning all the big bads that are roaming the streets of Gaia. With all that, he has requested being part of a general staff meeting to go over plotting, make his presence known to everyone, maybe engage in some amusing banter and have pie.

Also there MAY be some missions coming up in the future. Who wants to make things explode? (Reno? Rude? Anyone else?) I'm sure more details will filter in as soon as Rufus and Cloud have their little pow wow* and then Shinra has there's.

Sephy!Mun has given the go ahead for (I believe...) Friday or Saturday night PST. I was thinking of maybe the old time we used to have all of those zany ic/ooc binge drinking parties. 8:00/9:00 PST?

This would have been in character, but I wanted to get this out there as soon as possible (or at least as soon as possible in Kat-time.) So let me know if anyone can make it and what day! :D

* And by pow-wow I do NOT mean hoe-down. A hoe-down is completely different. And although it would be VERY interesting to envision Cloud and Rufus Do-si-do-ing, I would have been a tad embarrassed if I didn't catch that before hitting send.
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