_goddamntea (_goddamntea) wrote in ffvii_ac_rp_ooc,

Sad Times [OOC]

Hey guys. Its your Cid!mun here.

I wanted to let you all know that I might be dropping the dear loved piolet. I just cant find time to get involved in anything and school is killing me, not to mention I dont want to deprive you all of another Cid if someone else has there eye on him or that is a chance for someone else to pick him up that will give you more plottage and Cid-cameo's that I am unable to give you as of late. If you want me to stick around I can try but I can't give you anything else for awhile, school is kicking my happy little ass, and I just feel bad that I am unable to give you guys the Cid you deserve. ^^;

So if you want me to stick around I will, but I just cant guarentee anything for awhile now or if I can keep him at all. It would be horrid to deny you the loving angry-man. :3 <3

Take care~
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